• The video starts and stops: This may be due to a slow internet connection. Give the video a little time to stream down to your computer. You could also try to lower the quality setting of the video. This can usually be done on the video screen its self.
  • Will you add more lessons? We will constantly add both new lessons and the range of instruments we teach.
  • I have never played an instrument before, can I learn from the website? Yes. The site has been designed with the complete beginner in mind. A student will be brought step by step from being a complete beginner through to becoming a competent player. Know pervious knowledge of how to play an instrument is required.
  • I can’t read music, can I still learn from the site? Yes. The audio visual lessons will explain simply how each tune is played. A down loadable PDF will also be available with each lesson explaining what the lesson was about. These PDF’S can be placed by each student in a folder and used for reference
  • Is the site hard to use?:  No, The site was designed so that people with very little computer knowledge can find their way easily around
  • Can students use the site on their own?  Lessons are clear and structured and very easy to follow. Parents or teachers will also find it very easy to follow lessons and help students. Even if they can’t play an instrument themselves.
  • The instrument I would like to learn is not on the website: If you would like to learn a particular instrument please let us know. Where possible we will try to put together a number of lessons on that instrument.