Courses is designed to teach people of all ages to play musical instruments and also learn traditional Irish music, using a library of online music lessons.

With help from Liam Kelly from the Irish band Dervish, we have produced a structured course on both the tin whistle and the flute, consisting of sixty lessons in total.

No previous knowledge isĀ  required as the course is designed to take the student from being a complete beginner through to becoming a competent musician.

Lessons are structured and begin with an introduction to the instrument, how to hold it, what the parts are etc. moving on to simple tunes followed by more complicated tunes.

Each tune is accompanied by a downloadable PDF showing the notes of that particular lesson. This resource allows a student to choose a tune and watch it as many times as they require in order to master it. So no more forgetting part of what they learned at a music lesson and having to wait until the next lesson in order to learn the piece again!

Visit our Tin Whistle and Flute online course HERE.